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Hadanich Machine has a long history of machine tool experience. The company was founded by George Hadanich and has been in business for 30 years.

George began in the machine tool business by acquiring various small surplus machines and making repairs to restore them back to their original condition. This turned out to be a compliment to Georgeís natural mechanical abilities. George also had a curious nature and the desire to tackle bigger and more complex projects. To supplement his experience, George turned to providing contract rebuilding services. This opened up a broader range of equipment, and provided valuable experience on a wide variety of machine tool designs and principals.

By the mid 1980ís the company was very active in CNC machines, and had an extensive program of retrofitting CNC controls to replace older and obsolete NC and CNC controls. This service, combined with their mechanical experience, gave the company the ability to provide full-service remanufacturing.

As time passed the size of the equipment handled by Hadanich Machine continued to grow. The larger equipment had different needs than the smaller more common equipment, usually requiring significant modifications. Hadanich Machine has performed many modifications to existing equipment: extending columns, extending travels, increasing table sizes, increasing swings, and the list goes on. These modifications draw on the roots of Hadanich Machine; the thorough understanding of the basic elements of machine design, learned so long ago, along with solid engineering, allows these modifications to be performed successfully time after time.

In more recent years Hadanich Machine has added to its tradition of providing the market with its needs. More and more businesses are interested in and taking advantage of the latest ideas and innovations available to stay competitive, and to accommodate these needs, Hadanich Machine can provide late model used machinery from our extensive inventory. There is much more to equipment than the year it was manufactured. At Hadanich Machine, we use our years of experience to evaluate all aspects of late model equipment, allowing us to select the highest quality to put into our stock of used equipment. This allows us to offer not only the latest technology, but assurance that the underlying structure is still sound and ready for production.

Each of these steps in the Hadanich Machine history has provided a basic building block of the company that exists today. Please take the time to explore our website, view our inventory, read about our services, and please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have concerning how Hadanich Machine can help you.